Computer Components, Inc.

Specialists in replacement relays for obsolete & discontinued relays originally supplied by all the major manufacturer's -- CLICK HERE -- for a list of our most common replacement relays!

Computer Components has long been recognized as a major supplier of mercury wetted relays to the industrial, commercial and defense markets.

Our mercury wetted relays are double sealed, consisting of a hermetically sealed mercury switch capsule which is epoxy sealed in a metal or plastic enclosure. All our mercury wetted relays are labeled to alert our customers, regarding proper disposal.

Mercury wetted relays come under the general classification of fabricated mercury added devices. They have been in use for many years in electrical and electronic equipment for their superior performance characteristics. The draw back to these devices is the toxicity of mercury if released into the environment. It is because of mercury’s toxicity that restrictions and regulations on use and disposal have been, and are being established.