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Specialists in replacement relays for obsolete & discontinued relays originally supplied by all the major manufacturer's -- CLICK HERE -- for a list of our most common replacement relays!

Our mercury wetted relays are designed to maintain their integrity under normal handling and use conditions consistent with good practices for other types of relays and electrical components.

Under no circumstance should a mercury relay be opened or disassembled. If accidental breakage or crushing occurs causing mercury leakage, restrict access to the area and contact your company safety officier and or your local Department of Environmental Conservation.

After life disposal, mercury wetted relays must be recycled or disposed of as hazardous waste and in compliance with Federal, State and Local regulations. In some States mercury wetted relays fall under the policies for "universal waste" which simplify the process. Contact your States environmental department or the US EPA for specific information for your location.

The two disposal options are, direct shipment as "Universal Waste" to a mercury recycling facility or Shipment through a hazardous waste transporter to a proper destination facility.

Companies specializing in recycling or disposal of mercury waste can be found on the World Wide Web. Your States department of Hazardous Waste is also a good source of information.

The following two companies specialize in mercury recycling:

Bethlehem Apparatus Company
890 front St., PO Box Y
Hellertown, PA 18055
PH: 610-838-7034

ONYX Environmental Services (call or go on-line for a facility near you.)
PH: 800-556-5267